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Join hundreds of smart homeowners who have trusted us to sell their homes

The most professional, supportive, caring, enthusiastic estate agent I have ever used. Elzanne is to be commended on every level.
Adele Wright
Awesome service I received from Steeple. Their service was beyond measure. The very low commission also made this deal highly worth it. Thank you Steeple.
Gift Mdau
After researching on the website and speaking to Miss Teixeira, we were convinced that Steeple was going to be a good experience! She made us certain we were in good hands because she loved serving us. We also were happy with the commission arrangement, getting to know the potential buyers and the opportunity to show our own place to the buyers.
Paul Vuntarde
Great service with prompt responses when required, always on top of developments with regular feedback keeping me informed. A more complicated sale given that I am based overseas, but Steeple handled it with ease. Would recommend Steeple over any other agent. Thanks Stephanie and team.
Terence Denton
Great professional team at Steeple. Always ready and willing to assist. Professional photographer, I was extremely happy with the photos they took of our home. Friendly staff as well. Absolutely satisfied with the service.
Beauty Radebe
Kempton Park
Very happy with the service. We sold our house within a day of listing. It was a very simple and easy process with no issues or hassles. I paid 25% of the fees that other big name property agents quoted me (Pam Golding, Jawitz) - they are ridiculous in the price for the services they provide.
George Joseph
It was a pleasure dealing with Steeple, our apartment was sold within a few days :)
Joshua Powell
Steeple did a great job from inception to final sale, I was always kept in the loop and the service was excellent. Elzanne was very friendly and helpful and very patient with answering all my questions as a first time seller. Professional and on point! Thank you Steeple.
Schalk van Rensburg
Very professional, always came back quickly with a response to any questions or issues. Explained the process in detail and guided us through the process, lots of advice on options when issues arose and lastly saved us stacks of money. Will most certainly use Steeple again.
Paul Heighton
Kempton Park
Experience very good, was very happy about the service provided and will definitely recommend.
Bheki Khuzwayo


Flexibility to meet your needs

Option 1
  • Commission is 1.7% (minimum of R28000) + VAT
  • Sole mandate for 60 days, then converting to Open mandate at same low commission.
  • No lock-in; cancel the mandate whenever you wish without penalty
  • Dedicated client relationship manager to look after you
  • Beautiful, professional photography
  • Colourful For Sale board.
Option 2
  • Commission is 2.2% (minimum of R36000) + VAT
  • Open mandate throughout.
  • No lock-in; cancel the mandate whenever you wish without penalty
  • Dedicated client relationship manager to look after you
  • Beautiful, professional photography
  • Colourful For Sale board.


Our proven system for selling your home

Say Hello!
Click on the Get Started button to send us your contact info. Your dedicated client relationship manager will then call you back to get the ball rolling.
Professional photography
We send a professional photographer to take fabulous photos of your home. Great photos improve the likelihood of selling quickly!
Massive online marketing
We write your property listing and, after your approval, we publish on all the major property websites - Property24, PrivateProperty, IOLProperty and Gumtree - to give you mammoth marketing exposure. We also advertise on social media, through our referral network, and to our own buyer database.
Convenient viewing times
We send you viewing requests from potential buyers. You confirm a convenient time for a viewing with your buyer directly. The buyer brings ID, and you show them around. You know your home best and buyers love the personal touch!
Offers, sales and everything else
When someone wants to make an offer, just let us know and we'll take care of the buyer, the offer, and the legal paperwork. Remember, we'll manage the sale of your home from beginning to end and we're always available to answer any queries or give advice.


Recognition for our innovation and customer service

Western Cape Premier Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards 2015
Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards

2015: Second Runner-up
Sage One Cape Talk Small Business Awards 2014
Sage One Cape Talk Small Business Awards

2014: Finalist


With honest, transparent answers

What is your success rate?

Read more than 100 reviews from some of our clients to judge for yourself!

Our partnership with sellers works extremely well because buyers love being able to get immediate answers from the seller who knows the property intimately. Sellers enjoy being able to set appointments at times that are convenient and being able to get instant feedback from buyers.

With our low commission, you can price aggressively and improve buyer interest in your property but still end up with the amount you want in your back pocket.

All this is backed up by professional advice and guidance from your dedicated client relationship manager.

Besides commission, are there any other sneaky fees?!

No, the commission is your only cost. Our commission is payable only at the end when the property is transferred into the buyer's name and the seller gets paid.

We don't charge any upfront, hidden or penalty fees for withdrawing from the mandate, or for any other reason.

We don't charge any so-called marketing fees either!

Professional photography and the For Sale sign are included free in our service and are not charged separately.

What kind of mandate do you have?

We offer 2 mandate options so you can choose the one that works best for you.

For BOTH options, you can cancel whenever you wish, for whatever reason. Unlike other agents, we do not believe in locking you in to a mandate if you are not happy with our services.

And we also do not charge any cancellation, penalty or so-called marketing fees if you do decide to cancel.

Mandate Option 1:
For the first 60 days this is a "sole and exclusive" mandate, and then it automatically becomes an open mandate at the same low commission rate and minimum.

A sole and exclusive mandate means that only Steeple is permitted to sell the property, whereas with an open mandate the sale can be done by other agents or the seller privately.

Option 1 has a commission is 1.7% (with a minimum of R28000) plus VAT.

Mandate Option 2:
This is an open mandate. An open mandate means that more than one estate agent can market your property at the same time, and only the agent who finds the ultimate buyer gets paid the commission. So you are welcome to use other agents although they will just replicate our own marketing at a very much higher fee.

Option 2 has a commission of 2.2% (with a minimum of R36000) plus VAT.

Please note that if you do cancel and afterwards a person who was introduced by us buys your property within the next 3 months then we would still be entitled to our commission.

Can I use my own conveyancer?

Yes. And if you don't know one then we can suggest a local firm that does a good job.

Can I use Steeple if I work during the day?

Of course! Most buyers work too so you can arrange viewings at mutually convenient times such as after work or on the weekends.

I'm not a "sales" type person. Will I be able to sell my property?

Yes, absolutely! You don't need to be able to "sell" at all. The reason is that no person, no matter how good a "salesperson" they are, can persuade someone to buy a property they don't like.

Buying a property is a major life decision and people don't take it lightly. Smooth talking may help sell life insurance or a consumer appliance, but it doesn't apply when selling a home. Buyers prefer getting straight answers directly from the owner who knows their home and the local area best.

How is my property valued?

Setting the correct price is crucial both for your own peace of mind and for selling quickly. We recommend that you get another opinion besides your own.

We empower you with a free personalised property report which shows the actual selling prices of the 20 closest properties to yours. Then, just like an estate agent would do, set your price by comparing your property to those sold properties, as well as to similar properties in your suburb for sale on Property24 or Private Property. Buyers do their own research in the exact same way, so try to be objective.

You can ask for a free valuation from a specialist local estate agent (but look out for their sales pitch!) to confirm your own estimate.

Where do you have offices?

Since we operate online and by phone we only need one national office for the country (in Cape Town). By having a single office we can reduce costs and pass those on to you in the form of our low commission. Obviously we won't have the local knowledge of a traditional estate agent who is based in the area but it doesn't matter since we have the ultimate expert - you! You know your property and local area better than any estate agent ever can, and you can pass on your knowledge to the viewers.

Do you have a database of buyers?

Yes, like all agents we maintain a list of potential buyers but it pales into insignificance compared to the massive databases maintained by the huge online property sites like Property24 and Private Property. When you sell with Steeple, all the buyers registered on Property24 and Private Property who are interested in your suburb are sent a notification alert, ensuring instant advertising to serious potential buyers.

I haven't heard about Steeple before?

We've been operating successfully since 2012, when we introduced low commissions to South African sellers for the first time. You can read more than 100 reviews from some of our clients to get an understanding of the impact we've had. We've also been honoured to receive 2 awards, one for innovation and the other for client service.

No other estate agency in SA can match our experience in selling effectively at low cost. And keeping our clients happy at the same time!

Can I use other agents too?

You can if you choose Option 2 or after the first 60 days of Option 1. But remember they will just duplicate (if they can) our own marketing efforts - at a very much higher commission!

Where do you sell properties?

We target most suburbs in the major metro areas where we have professional photographers: Johannesburg, Sandton, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randburg, Bedfordview, Edenvale, Kempton Park, Benoni, Boksburg, Alberton, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Durban, Kloof and Hillcrest. Please enquire if you are not sure.

What about security?

All your viewings would be strictly by appointment only (not from an enquiry off the street), and you will have the name, phone number and email address of the viewer. The viewer also knows that they have to bring some form of ID to the appointment so that you can check it.

We don't advise that you have a show house because anyone can just walk in off the street.

Our common sense recommendations are that you: ask the viewer for identification; lock valuables away; have another adult present; and don't leave the viewer alone in a room with valuables. And if you don't like the look of someone, you can just tell them the house has been sold!

Can I use Steeple if I am not in Cape Town?

Yes, we sell in most suburbs of the major metro areas where we have professional photographers - Johannesburg, Sandton, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Benoni, Boksburg, Kempton Park, Bedfordview, Alberton, Cape Town, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Durban, Kloof and Hillcrest.

Previously we sold elsewhere in the country too but in order to provide a consistent, premium service we decided to focus on these particular areas only.

Can I restrict viewings only to people who are pre-qualified?

Most people don't have time to waste by viewing properties they can't afford! Time-wasters are more of a problem if you have an open show day (which we don't recommend) when anyone can just walk in off the street.

But since you will be arranging viewings directly with potential buyers, you could in theory request info about their financial status before confirming a viewing appointment.

However we don't recommend doing so - because it can drastically reduce your chances of selling:

1) many people are not prepared to go through the hassle of formal pre-qualification with a bank or bond company until they find a property that they want to buy. If you insist that all viewers be pre-qualified, your list of potential buyers will reduce dramatically, as will your chances of a sale

2) cash buyers and those who can put down large deposits know that they will be able to afford the property. You will lose, or offend, these types of buyers if you require them to be pre-qualified

3) in any event, a buyer who is pre-qualified for a bond of, say, R1000 000 will not necessarily get a bond of R1000 000 when purchasing your particular property. To become "pre-qualified" simply means that a potential buyer's credit status is considered acceptable and the bank or bond consultant has indicated a maximum bond amount based on the buyer's monthly income and expenditure (unaudited). However, only once the bank receives a signed agreement of sale will they investigate in detail the buyer's financial status, and they will also want to value your property. So being pre-qualified is a useful exercise for any buyer and it shows serious intent, but it is not a guarantee that the bank will grant a bond for that amount

4) the more viewers who see your property, the better. Neighbours will see the activity and perhaps refer friends. At the very least you will get valuable feedback from viewers.

Only after a person has seen your property and has EXPRESSED INTEREST in making an offer, does it makes sense to investigate the person's financial situation more closely. We do this when we are gathering information to prepare the customised offer to purchase document.

Remember, for security reasons we do advise all potential buyers that the seller will expect to see some form of identification before doing the viewing.

Do you do rental management or list rental properties?

No, we focus on sales only but we have a partnership with HouseME, South Africa's groundbreaking rentals agency. For a landlord, HouseME charges the lowest fees, guarantees 3 months' rental income and can get you the best rental through their online tenant-bidding system. For a tenant, HouseME ensures the property specs are genuine, and gives you enough time to apply because they don't operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who do I deal with at Steeple?

Your personal, dedicated client relationship manager will look after you throughout, from initial phone call to final transfer. Our admin team will help with set-up, and send you the viewing requests from potential buyers.

Do you handle money?

No. Although we are a registered estate agency and do have a trust bank account (as required by law), we never accept deposits or make payments and our trust bank account is never used. Any deposit that a buyer needs to make will be into the conveyancer's trust bank account. Any payments made (for example, the sales proceeds) will be made from the conveyancer's trust account.

What if I already have a buyer? Can I get a discount on commission?

Yes! If you have already identified a willing buyer and don't need us to market your property, then you can sign a special "no marketing" mandate with us. Your dedicated client relationship manager will assist with the negotiations, legal documents, bond financing and management of the sale transaction etc., but won't market your property in any way. Please contact us if you are interested.

Is Steeple a licensed estate agency?

Yes, we are licensed by the Estate Agency Affairs Board. Our Fidelity Fund Certificate number is 2017104241.

How do I host viewings for potential buyers?

We send you viewing requests from potential buyers by email and sms. You confirm a convenient time for a viewing with your buyer directly. The buyer brings ID, so you can prove their identity, and you show them around. You know your home best and buyers love the personal touch!


NO sneaky costs! Commission on sale only. We sell in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.

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Properties sold with Steeple

Sold For R2 700 000
Money saved R116 964
Sold For R1 800 000
Money saved R77 976


Save your CASH - spend your commission savings on yourself, not an agent

Get more control - schedule viewings when it suits you

You can trust our experience to get the job done.


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Steeple vs traditional Estate Agents & Private Selling

Selling Costs

Traditional Agent
Typically 5.0 - 7.5% + VAT of sale price achieved, but can be a higher percentage for lower-priced homes
Ultra-low fee of 1.7% (min of R28000) + VAT (Option 1) or 2.2% (min of R36000) + VAT (Option 2)
Selling Privately
Cheapest, BUT you pay all your marketing costs UPFRONT - even if you don't end up selling!

Online Marketing

Traditional Agent
Steeple's services usually provide greater coverage because we list on major portals like Gumtree that most other agencies don't.
Your property is listed on ALL 4 majors (Property24, Private Property, IOLProperty, Gumtree) for best results.
Selling Privately
Not all property websites permit private selling. You have to pay upfront, upload multiple times, and you don't know the tricks.

Seller Involvement

Traditional Agent
Provide keys and alarm code, prepare and vacate property for every viewing. You have minimal involvement (but less control over the process).
Confirm viewing appointments directly with buyers, and show them around when convenient. We do the rest!
Selling Privately
You do everything yourself without advice: valuing, photos, uploading, marketing, showing viewers around, preparing legal docs.

Client Service

Traditional Agent
Level of service varies. It depends on which estate agency you use and the actual agent you select.
Professional, transparent service from your client relationship manager and our award-winning team.
Selling Privately
You are on your own with legal issues, the stigma of a private sale, and no middleman to smooth the path.

For Sale Board

Traditional Agent
Provided by estate agent.
We provide one for you.
Selling Privately
You have to make your own.

Property Photos

Traditional Agent
Photos usually taken by estate agent using a cell phone.
We send a professional photographer for best results.
Selling Privately
You have to take your own photos so you need a photography background.


The pillars of our success

Super-low Commission
Fees start from only 1.7% of the selling price (min R28000) + VAT. Payable only on transfer.
Your Responsibilities
You arrange your own viewings directly and you show potential buyers around your home yourself (or ask a friend).
Transparent Mandate Options
For both our mandate options, you can terminate your mandate with us whenever you wish. We don't try to lock you in like other agents or have sneaky mandate conditions or hidden fees.
Licensed Estate Agency
Steeple is an estate agency licensed by the Estate Agents Affairs Board. Our Fidelity Fund Certificate number is 2017104241.
Urban Metro Areas
We sell properties in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban where we have professional photographers. Having a single national office keeps our costs low and we pass those savings on to you with our low commission.
Trusted and Proven
We have sold over 100 properties and have rave reviews from our clients. We have won multiple awards for customer service and innovation.