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    Low commission estate agents.

    You show buyers around your home.

    Commission is only 1.5%* + VAT!


    Successful Sales
    Hundreds of homes sold since 2012.

    Sell Faster
    You'll get a quicker sale since buyers love the personal touch.

    Save R000s
    = Your next deposit? A new kitchen? An overseas holiday!

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Selling homes in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban.

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Means you pay less commission

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  • Use the Savings Calculator to work out the extra cash you'll have in your back pocket when you sell with PropertyFox.
  • Commission from just 1.5% (minimum of R35000) + VAT.

Calculate your savings

Traditional Comm
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Your Savings
  • Your home will be listed by PropertyFox, registered estate agents.
  • Your successful sale begins with FREE professional photos and powerful advertising on all 4 major portals: Property 24, Private Property, Gumtree, and IOLProperty.
  • You show interested buyers around your home. PropertyFox does the rest.
  • See more info and common questions.


A proven system for selling your home

Say Hello!
Click on the Get Started button to send your contact info. Your personal Property Manager from PropertyFox will then call you back to get the ball rolling.
Professional photography
PropertyFox send a professional photographer to take fabulous photos of your home. Great photos improve the likelihood of selling quickly!
Massive online marketing
PropertyFox writes your property listing and, after your approval, publishes it on all the major property websites - Property24, Private Property, IOLProperty and Gumtree - to give you mammoth marketing exposure.
Convenient viewing times
PropertyFox sends you viewing requests from pre-vetted potential buyers. You confirm a convenient time for a viewing with your buyer directly. You know your home best and buyers love the personal touch!
Offers, sales and everything else
When someone wants to make an offer, just let PropertyFox know and they'll take care of the buyer, the offer, and the legal paperwork.


With honest, transparent answers

What is the relationship between Steeple and PropertyFox?

Steeple was the first online estate agency in South Africa, established in 2012. At the end of 2018 all Steeple's property listings were acquired by PropertyFox, another online estate agency. All new properties are being listed by PropertyFox as Steeple is no longer operating as an estate agency.

What is the commission and type of mandate?

The commission percentage varies depending on whether the mandate you sign with PropertyFox is sole/exclusive, or open. The commission is only payable if the property is sold.

For an exclusive sole mandate, the commission is 1.5% of the selling price (with a minimum commission of R35000) + VAT.

For an open mandate, the commission is 3% (minimum R35000) + VAT.

There is also a nominal upfront marketing fee, which varies between zero (for an exclusive mandate in a Featured Neighbourhood) to R3000 (for properties outside Featured Neighbourhoods). This upfront fee is deducted off the commission payable on sale.

How can PropertyFox offer such a low commission? Is there a catch?!

The secret to offering such a low commission is that you, the homeowner, show viewers around your home so PropertyFox doesn't need to have agents who go out to the property.

Since you work together with PropertyFox in this way, they only need one national office where their employees communicate with you by phone, live chat and email.

The cost savings are passed on to you in the form of the low commission.

Can I use my own conveyancer?

Yes. And if you don't know one then PropertyFox can suggest a local firm that does an excellent job.

Can I use PropertyFox if I work during the day?

Of course! Most buyers work too so you can arrange viewings at mutually convenient times such as after work or on the weekends.

I'm not a "sales" type person. Will I be able to sell my property?

Yes, absolutely! You don't need to be able to "sell" at all. The reason is that no person, no matter how good a "salesperson" they are, can persuade someone to buy a property they don't like.

Buying a property is a major life decision and people don't take it lightly. Smooth talking may help sell life insurance or a consumer appliance, but it doesn't apply when selling a home. Buyers prefer getting straight answers directly from you, since you know your home and the local area best.

How is my property valued?

Setting the correct price is crucial both for your own peace of mind and for selling quickly. We recommend that you get another opinion besides your own.

PropertyFox provides a free, computerised valuation once your property details have been received.

Where does PropertyFox have offices?

Since PropertyFox operates by phone and online they only need one national office for the country (in Cape Town). By having a single office they can reduce costs and pass those on to you in the form of their low commission.

Obviously they won't have the local knowledge of a traditional estate agent who is based in the area but it doesn't matter since they have YOU, the ultimate expert!

You know your property and local area better than any estate agent ever can, and you can pass on your knowledge to the viewers.

Does PropertyFox have a database of buyers?

Yes, like all agents PropertyFox maintains a list of potential buyers but it pales into insignificance compared to the massive databases maintained by the huge online property sites like Property24 and Private Property. When you sell with PropertyFox, all the buyers registered on Property24 and Private Property who are interested in your suburb are sent a notification alert, ensuring instant advertising to serious potential buyers.

I haven't heard about Steeple or PropertyFox before?

Steeple operated successfully from 2012, when they introduced low commissions to South African sellers for the first time. Steeple were honoured to receive 2 awards, one for innovation and the other for client service in subsequent years.

At the end of 2018 all Steeple's property listings were acquired by PropertyFox, another online agency with a very similar way of operating.

Where does PropertyFox sell properties?

All throughout South Africa.

How is viewing security handled?

All your viewings would be strictly by appointment only (not from an enquiry off the street), and you will have the name, phone number and email address of the viewer. For extra security, through PropertyFox's partnership with ThisIsMe (an identification service), you can match the viewer's profile to the ThisIsMe database in most cases too.

We don't advise that you have an open public show house where anyone can just walk in off the street.

Our common sense recommendations are that you:
- compare details to ThisIsMe profile
- ask the viewer for identification
- lock valuables away
- have another adult present
- don't leave the viewer alone in a room with valuables.

And if you don't like the look of someone, you can just tell them the house has been sold!

Does PropertyFox do rental management or list rental properties?

No, PropertyFox focuses on sales only at this time.

Can you help me if I list privately?

Unfortunately not. But the fee is so low and is only payable when you sell, so why venture out by yourself anyway? With PropertyFox you get advice and assistance throughout the process. Avoid the stigma of a private sale and increase your chances of selling.


Selling homes in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban.

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