Who we are

and where we've come from

David de Waal, a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) and a Master Practitioner in Real Estate, started Steeple in 2012 with the twin goals of improving the home selling experience and reducing agency commissions.

David knew that traditional estate agencies charged too much because they were inefficient and outdated, being unchanged since the previous century.

He realised that a partnership between the seller and the agency would make selling more effective and reduce unnecessary costs.

It just makes sense for the owner to show buyers around their home, with the agent providing the expertise.

How does Steeple deliver great service for a low commission?

  • the seller shows buyers around
  • we only employ people who are brilliant at what they do!
  • we operate from a single head office with advanced IT systems that are unmatched by traditional estate agents.

In this way we save costs, and we pass them on to you in the form of greatly reduced commissions.

We focus on all the critical things required of an estate agent – including assisting with valuation, marketing, dealing with offers, legal paperwork, and project-managing the whole process. As the seller, you do the easy part: showing buyers around at a time that suits you.

A personal client relationship manager is assigned to look after you so you always know whom to contact.

As most buyers now search for properties online, our focus is on creating the maximum exposure possible by advertising on all the major property websites in South Africa and by using our own proprietary research into online buying behaviour and innovative marketing to get sellers more buyers. We also advertise on social media, through our referral network and to our own buyer database. The business is set up to respond quickly and effectively to enquiries from buyers so that no opportunities to sell are missed.

Steeple is now growing rapidly as word spreads that effective selling doesn’t have to mean high commission!