Our views on the property market

Growth of digital economy will change property market forever

by David de Waal on October 8, 2014

South Africans’ participation in the digital economy is increasing annually and this trend will undoubtedly have an impact on the property market. Local internet research company World Wide Worx released figures recently that indicate that at the end of 2013, approximately 13.8 million South Africans were using the internet and, of these, 4.6 million were [Click to continue …]

Protect your investment with good tenants

by David de Waal on September 17, 2014

Your property is an investment only if your tenant pays the rent. And if the tenant stops paying for any reason, it can be a lengthy process to have them evicted. The obvious conclusion is: choose your tenant carefully. The selection process The first step is to ensure your prospective tenant is someone with stable [Click to continue …]