Prepping Your Home for Photos

Our photographers love a sparkling home!

Our professional photographers can take great photos … but first your home needs to be photo-shoot ready!

Outside and Garden

Many potential buyers will first drive past your home to see if it looks attractive.

  • hide rubbish bins
  • mow the lawn, weed the garden and pick up leaves
  • remove any clutter from the yard such as toys, hosepipes, lawnmower or tools
  • remove cars
  • clean the pool, and take out the automatic pool cleaner
  • if you can, apply a fresh coat of paint to the door or fence.

Home Interior

Clean, tidy homes with no clutter sell faster. A buyer wants to see a “blank canvas” that they can personalise with their own possessions, not yours!

  • remove door mats, cat litters, dog bedding
  • clean the house from top to bottom. Watch out for grubby marks on doors
  • remove any furniture in a room that makes it look cramped
  • pack away photographs to free up space and make the house less personal
  • pack away clutter – bits and pieces on shelves or in the rooms such as papers, ornaments, or clothing that make your house look untidy and cramped
  • get rid of junk. When you sell your house you won’t want to take the junk with you so remove it now before buyers see it.
  • open the curtains
  • turn the lights on (replace any missing light bulbs).


  • make the beds
  • put away clothes and shoes
  • remove jewellery, bags, books, etc. from bedside tables
  • remove heaters.


  • clean the bath
  • remove items from inside the shower, and replace the shower curtain
  • clear away toiletries like soaps, toothbrushes, razors etc.
  • remove rubbish bins, mats, scales or old towels
  • clean the mirror
  • close toilet lids.


  • clear away dirty dishes and keep tops clear
  • store kitchen appliances so that they don’t take up space on the counters
  • put away cleaning products and dish racks
  • remove fridge magnets on fridges
  • hide bins.

If you follow these tips you can expect to great photos from our professional photographers – which should translate into more buyers! For other suggestions, have a look at our home staging guide.