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Intellectual Property

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Includes a B&B or small guest house or house in a gated estate.
Townhouse or Cluster
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A townhouse or cluster is a property which confirms to certain architectural guidelines so the buildings are all of the same style.  The development is managed by a body corporate (if ownership is via sectional title) or a homeowners assocation (if there are freehold properties).  A levy is payable to the managing bodies for maintenance of the common property.
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A commercial property is one that has an income stream from tenants. Examples include office blocks and retail centres.
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Farm (including game farm). A farm is registered with the farm name in a registration division. There is no street number or street name.
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Hotel or resort with income from guests.  Usually is a substantial building or multiple buildings so cannot be used as a house.
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A smallholding is usually in an "Agricultural Holdings" or "AH" suburb on the outskirts of a town.  It will have a regular street number and name in that suburb.