How to Take Great Property Photos

Secrets to presenting your home best


  • Take lots of photos of your home so you will have a wide selection to choose from
  • Make the effort to get a fantastic MAIN PHOTO
  • Only take property pictures in landscape orientation i.e. wide (like a TV screen) rather than portrait orientation (like a door). If you use a smart phone camera, this would mean that you would hold the phone on its side when taking the photos
  • Move stuff around and hide clutter to get a cleaner, better shot
  • Keep your camera straight and level (use a tripod)
  • Take interior pics from one of the corners of the room to make the room look as large and attractive as possible, and to highlight any open-plan flow
  • No close-ups
  • Never date-stamp your photos.


Setting the scene

Remove any clutter from the yard such as toys, hosepipes, or lawnmowers and pick up anything around the outside of the house that doesn’t add to the photo.

Ideally clear cars out of the driveway and make sure the lawn is freshly mowed.


Try to shoot the property from its best angle, which might not always be from straight ahead.

Make sure to take an enticing main picture that will appear in the search results on the property portals. The main picture usually would be of the whole house so that people can get a mental impression of it, but sometimes a spectacular view could be preferable.

For other photos, look for different angles that add greenery or interesting features in the garden like statues, a deck or a patio, a wonderful backyard or a beautiful view. Include the swimming pool if you have one.


It’s best to take photos when the sun is shining, since an overcast sky can create a gloomy picture.

Ideally, choose the time when the sun is shining directly onto the front of the property.

Make sure the sun is behind your back, so your camera is not pointing into the sun. You’ll also need to be aware of your shadow creeping into the shot.

Keep an eye out for any glare or reflection from windows or other reflective surfaces such as a swimming pool.

Consider shooting exterior photos around sunset to make the shots more flattering. Turn on the lights in the house, including porch lights or other outdoor lighting when you do so.


Setting the scene

Prepare the rooms by removing any clutter such as papers, ornaments, clothes or anything else that can make the room look untidy. Remember, the buyer wants a “blank canvas” that they can personalise with their own possessions, not yours! You should also feel free to move furniture around or out of the way completely to create a better shot.


Interior photos are best taken from one of the corners of the room. Try all different corners for a variety of perspectives, and then choose the one that captures the room at its best and makes it look largest. Highlight the open-plan nature of the property where possible.
Remember to keep the vertical lines straight by holding your camera level.
Use a wide angle lens if you have one, and avoid close-ups.


The objective is to have soft lighting that is balanced so that there are no over-lit or darker spots. Turn on all the lights, even during the day. Having all the lights on in your home will instantly make your home look warmer and more appealing, plus it fills in the darker areas often found in the corners. If you are an accomplished photographer then you may prefer to use natural light only and slow the shutter speed.

Individual rooms

Living room: create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Plump up sofa cushions. Flowers can make the room more appealing. To create the desired effect, you can move furniture around or remove it altogether to make the room appear larger.

Bedroom: straighten bed covers, curtains and blinds. Make it look spotless. Make sure you’ve highlighted any extra perks, such as a stunning view out the window.

Kitchen and dining area: remove any household cleaning products, and tidy away dirty dishes.

Bathroom: since this room can contain many reflective surfaces, take care not to accidentally include a photograph of yourself in the mirror!