Home Staging Secrets to Sell a House

Use these tips to sell your house quicker

What is home staging and how does it help to sell a house?

To sell a house, buyers must first want to view it, and then they must literally feel “at home” in it when they do. Home staging helps create the right impression of your home with buyers.

Home staging refers to the art of making your house look as attractive as possible without doing major renovations. When you sell a house it has to compete for attention with many other properties. So you need your house to make a good first impression, whether that is in online photographs or when a potential buyer comes to inspect it.

Home staging includes techniques like opening the doors and windows, switching on the lights, or creating artistic interior decorations (perhaps by using cushions or furniture that you borrow for the purpose).

Correctly done, home staging will increase the chances of selling a house. There are even specialists in home staging who will charge a fee for doing it for your house, but it is also possible to do it yourself.

How to Sell a House: A Home Staging Presentation Guide

Don’t forget that buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in your house.

So try to remember why you were attracted to the house when you bought it. What will you miss most when you sell and move out? This will help you to identify the most attractive selling points of your house which you can emphasise to potential buyers.

Give your house some “kerb” appeal

Remember that when you sell a house many potential buyers will first drive past your home to see if it looks attractive. So do yourself a favour and make it as neat as possible, especially when viewed from the road:

  • remove rubbish bins
  • weed the garden, pick up leaves, cut the lawn and trim hedges or bushes
  • have some colourful pot plants
  • remove dirty old cars, bicycles, general rubbish
  • oil the gate so that it opens without squeaking
  • make sure the door bell works
  • clean the pool, if you have one
  • if you have a car, make sure it is clean and tidy
  • fix any masonry cracks
  • if you can, apply a fresh coat of paint to the door or fence.

Clean, tidy homes with no clutter sell faster

Remember that a potential buyer wants to imagine relaxing in your house. Do you think this is possible if the bath is dirty, the shelves and walls are full of your old photographs, or the house smells of your pets?!

You can sell a house by creating the impression of a clean, spacious shell that the buyer can dream about personalising.

These home staging tips can help:

  • clean the bath
  • if you have a shower curtain, replace it
  • clean the house from top to bottom. Watch out for grubby marks on doors, and dusty curtains.
  • store kitchen appliances so that they don’t take up space on the counters. Clear counters make the kitchen look bigger. If you have an appliance from a very expensive brand, you could choose
  • to leave that on the counter. To sell a house the buyer needs to believe that he or she is making an aspirational purchase, so showing off a quality appliance could have the required effect!
  • pack away photographs to free up space and make the house less personal
  • pack away clutter – bits and pieces on shelves or in the rooms that make your house look untidy and cramped.
  • get rid of junk. When you sell your house you won’t want to take the junk with you so remove it now before buyers see it.
  • open the windows and doors to let the fresh air in
  • turn the lights on
  • have a bowl of fresh flowers on the dining room table
  • roast some coffee, or bake bread or cookies. These aromas are homely and warm
  • remove any large or excess furniture in a room that makes it look cramped
  • if you have extra rooms, convert them to bedrooms which are always major attractions to buyers.

Creative interior decorating

Ask a creative friend to make interior decorating suggestions, such as re-arranging the furniture or adding borrowed cushions or pictures. The result may be not be to your personal taste but could be more attractive to the average buyer. Remember, you want to sell a house to a stranger – so swallow your pride and make any changes that will help you achieve your goal!

Use the right photographs of the house

When advertising on the internet, the first or main picture of your home should be an exterior view of the house. (You should only show the interior as the main picture if you have a flat or apartment, and you should show the outside in another photograph.) Have pictures taken on a sunny day and preferably earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon so that the light is not too bright. (Note: sometimes the property websites have their own policies about which photo should be the main one.)

The well-worn expression “First Impressions Count” is especially true when it comes to selling houses. In summary, if you want to sell a house, understand that home staging is an essential step to getting a quick sale at the price you want.

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